Make a Monetary Donation

One of the most common ways our community members support the Orchard Lake Philharmonic is through a monetary donation. Many donors find that donations to the orchestra are deductible on their Federal tax return.

The Orchard Lake Philharmonic accepts donations via the Internet using Paypal and by postal mail.

Donors of $100 or more will also receive complimentary tickets to any of our concerts this season and receive a special "Thank you!" in our program.

Alternatively, you can submit an offline donation.

Donor List

Below is a list of recognized donors that have made significant contributions to the Orchard Lake Philharmonic.

Lisa R Aragon

Craig Baloga 

Douglas (bugs) Beddow 

Lillian I. Bryant 

Susan Carron, DDS 

Houng and Chog Chang 

Steve Chang 

Florence Curtiss 

Walter K. Dean 

David and Lisa Dodge 

Frank Even  

J M Fallon 

Mary V. Gibbons 

Barbara and Howard Goldman 

Max Goldman 

Anne Greenstein 

Donna Halter 

Arleigh Helfer 

Georgeann Herbert-Myers 

Larry James 

Kas Kasravi

John Kasza 

Norma Keil Shaw

Ruth Killeen 

Ann Konopinski 

Nadine Deleury McKay 

Michigan Humanities Council 

Kyoko Miyazaki 

Moozick and Scribbling, Inc. 

Judith Moslak 

Beatrice Moss 

Marjorie Mowat 

Susan Peeples 

Ponchartrain Alum Chapter 

Linette Popoff-Parks

Wallace & Barbara Prince 

Paul and Carol Reid 

Renee Sherman 

Carol Sipsock 

Sara Smith 

Polly G.H. Tan 

Raymond Thacker 

Paul and Emily Tobias 

Michael Ungar 

Carole Varga 

Phillip and Phillis Werner 

Satoru and Yuri Yamaguchi 

Lan Lan Zhang